How to take care of your Violin?

You must care about your violin. Please remember the following points always.

  1. Always keep the Violin inside a good violin case.
  2. Loosen the bow hairs, when you don’t use the Violin.
  3. Always apply Rosin on your bow, before you start playing.
  4. Keep clean your Violin. Most of the time there would be Rosin dust on the Violin. Clean and keep it inside the Violin case.
  5. Remove the shoulder rest, before you keep the violin inside the case.
  6. Make sure you securely close your instrument case using all zippers and latches before picking up your instrument case.
  7. Cleaning the violin with furniture polish or water could damage the varnish and acoustics of the violin (water could also cause the violin seams to open).
  8. Do not store your violin in extreme hot or cold locations, and never leave your instrument in direct sunlight or in the trunk of your car on a warm day (the heat could melt the varnish).
  9. In case you find any cracks, take the Violin to any professional violin luthier and get it repaired.