How to change the Violin Strings?

If you’ve never changed violin strings before, find a professional to walk you through the process. Ask your teacher, or the people at your local string shop. They can show you how it’s done, and, at the same time, check your Violin for any problems that could make installing new strings difficult. Later, when you try it on your own, these instructions can serve as a reminder, and will help you get the best out of your new strings while keeping your fiddle safe and happy. It’s best to change violin strings one at a time so that you don’t disturb the setup of the bridge. Remember that the bridge – and the soundpost inside the violin – are only held in place by the tension of the strings.

Steps to change the strings .

1. Remove the old strings one by one.

2. Once all the strings are removed from the Pegs, please open the new strings one by one.

3. First attach the string on the Peg.

4. Once the string is attched you need to trun the peg in the clock wise direction.

5. Attach the other end of the string just above the fine tuner.

6. Tighten the string slowly using the peg.

7. Check the tone with fine tuned pitch 440 hz.

8. Incase of less tuning, use the fine tuners to adjust into the perfect pitch.

It’s only natural. Entanglement happens.